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A long time in gestation, Johnny Cash Converters has grown out of campfire singalongs at various festivals for the last 7 years. In a previous life Johnny CC used to DJ, run a club night and work for Ministry of Sound, so dance music is a longtime passion. But when the sound systems are turned off and you decamp to the fire, it’s hard (but not impossible) to play Smack My Bitch Up on an acoustic guitar unless you put a twist on it, and let’s face it: if anyone plays’ Wonderwall' or 'No Woman, No Cry' again, we might have to eat our own ears.



Our twist is to play dance anthems in a country style, with a touch of funk. ‘Funktry and Westerm’, if you will.


Having spent 10 years playing the piano in another party band ‘The Gents’, Johnny has played 100s of parties, festivals and events and brings with him the knowledge that in order to survive in the cut-throat world of drunken revellers you have to take stupid very seriously indeed.


And Johnny Cash Converters is, consequently, seriously stupid.



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Ben Dover hits things wherever possible, often in time. He had 99 doughnuts, but a bitch ate one. So basically he has 98 now. He and Tom Foolery are cousins and also lovers...

of fine country music.



JCC was reared on a staple diet of square sausage, passive smoking and Johnny Cash. When he moved to England he thought he'd leave it all behind him, but the love of that tasty angular sausage is difficult to shake. He was born on the 29th of February which makes him

Tom Foolery


Born under a bad sign (one of those service station ones where you can't work out which lane you should be in) Tom was born playing the guitar. Not having much chance to practice in the womb, he was awful and his guitar was made out of plcacenta. Not cool. He's better now.